A platform for creating browser-based augmented reality experiences. 

Inline AR: 

Vossle’s Inline AR feature lets you embed Augmented Reality (AR) experiences directly into any website, making it more intuitive for users.

Users can now experience Augmented Reality while scrolling through the website content, all without taking any further steps such as scanning a QR Code.

Web AR Games:

Plug & play AR Games on all kinds of smartphones. Scan the QR code and start to play on any popular web browser to connect with your audience like never before.

  • Tell interactive stories
  • Uncover digital collectibles
  • Dodge the projectiles
  • Hit the target
  • Catch the gems

Markerless AR

Overlay AR experiences that suit your business goals right away. Markerless WebAR experiences do not require specific triggers in the user’s environment. It scans the surroundings and places the computer-generated 3D models into it.


Try-ons lets users try 3D virtual objects like glasses, jewelry, clothes, etc; virtually through their smartphones at any time, anywhere at a click of a button.


Combine multiple AR experiences into one for a sweeping adventure.

  • Tell your story in AR by combining multiple experiences
  • Create flows to boost sales
  • Stand apart from the competition

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Vossle Features:

No Code

No App

Easy to Use

Inline AR

Web AR Games

Markerless AR



Vossle Basic Information

OS Supported: Windows, Unix, Linux, Android, IOS

Browsers Supported: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox

Vossle Links

Website: https://vossle.ai/

Documentation URL: https://vossle.ai/help/wiki/

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